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How is Your Retirement Readiness?

If there was an option you did not know about or a misunderstanding you had in your future retirement plans, when would you want to find out about it?  Sooner or Later?  Come join us for one of our FREE Retirement Readiness classes!

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Have YOU ever bought a car without a Test Drive?

You cannot possibly know HOW all your various income streams, expenses, taxes, inflation and market assets blend together 10, 15 or 20+ years out.  Answers you NEED to make good financial decisions!   Call us today, before it’s too late.

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It's like a speed limit for YOUR market loss tolerance!

The first step is to take the 5min survey that covers top financial goals, portfolio size and what you’re willing to RISK for potential gains.  Then with your risk number we will analyze your portfolio with you.  In our office or online. 

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We here at Black Swan Retirement Solutions, LLC specialize in looking at the WHOLE PICTURE for our clients by re-allocating and re-positioning retirement assets for safety, growth, legacy planning, and income planning. We gather complete information to help our clients make informed decisions in an easy to understand manner to assist with their particular situation.

Do you have a REAL plan for your retirement? You can.

We can show you how to have what may be the optimal retirement plan for YOU! Your plan starts with an initial no obligation 3 Step Review.

ARE YOU CONFIDENT you have explored all your retirement planning options?

If you had a future retirement income problem, when would you want to know about it – SOONER or LATER? If you're not sure – ask your spouse!

We are a central Texas, independent Financial Advisory Practice. As fiduciary advisors we strive to blend ALL your retirement concerns and options into one seamless, easy to understand plan. The goal is to provide true “Peace of Mind” for couples or singles planning or beginning a 15, 20 or 30+ year retirement. Our proprietary "Retirement Test Drive" can do just that for YOU!

Why a Black Swan? People in Europe once thought that all swans were white until 1697 when Dutch explorers discovered Black Swans in Western Australia. This discovery proved that sometimes things are not always as we believe them to be. And so the Black Swan became a symbol of a moment in time that challenges common beliefs and turns prior thinking upside-down. We think that applies to retirement planning today. How certain are you about your retirement beliefs?  One call today could make a very big difference in your retirement future.   979-820-4281

Help Keep Your Future Retirement SAFER

You will have fun with the way it asks what you're willing to risk for what potential gains.  We find most folks are NOT well matched between their tolerance for loss and what they are invested in.

The key innovation of Riskalyze is based on the work of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics winning behavioral psychologist Daniel Kahneman, whose “Prospect Theory”** showed that people often do not make decisions solely to maximize economic utility. People in thought experiments will often give up a free benefit in order to deny others from getting a greater benefit if it seems unfair. Many hate losing more than they like winning. We’re complicated, emotional creatures, especially when it comes to money.

Aaron Klein (company cofounder) says that risk tolerance is often misunderstood. “It’s not how scared of risk an investor is,” he observes. “It’s how far one’s portfolio falls before they capitulate. This kind of decision making often causes people to sell low and sit out the recovery.”

Would you like to know the facts about the TRUE level of risk you have in your portfolio relative to YOUR tolerance for that risk?

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