Black Swan Retirement Solutions, LLC

Black Swan Retirement Solutions, LLC


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Royce Bordman is a 68 year old businessman helping folks understand the risks and rewards of the various Retirement Solutions available today. He offers several planning tools to accomplish this for his clients.

In 1971 Royce started out selling life insurance with Prudential in Houston, Texas. Over the years he built and sold a multi-million dollar P&C insurance agency and semi-retired early. More recently, semi-retired he did business consulting and followed a passion for gardening and sustainable rural living. Over the years Royce has watched others wrestling with their retirement options, sometimes successfully, sometimes not so much. Seeing this he decided to come out of semi-retirement to start a firm especially to help folks make smart financial decisions moving toward their retirement dreams. In many ways this "distribution" phase of life is more complex than the "accumulation" phase of life was. Only a comprehensive plan can place you on the "map of your retirement" and let you know if you are still on course!

Royce has 2 sons. One is in Houston working in the oilfield engineering. The other lives near Austin working with a computer parts manufacturer. He is very thankful they both own homes, have good jobs and health insurance. Lots of retiree's are not so lucky.

After his 1st retirement from insurance the insurance industry, over 2 decades ago, he began to "give back" in earnest. He began to acquire and rebuild used computers and donate them to a local Christian Children's Home. He then followed up with starting and teaching computer classes for the children and general volunteer work with the home. Then in 1995 he donated 20 acres to them for opening another Christian Children's Home. There are 3 homes there today.

Since his mid 20's he did personal investing in Closed-end Funds, Muni's, stocks, bonds, Mutual Funds and did serious day trading for a year or so. He can remember when bank CD's were paying double digits! Later, the first ETF's came out. They were as amazing as the first cell phones! Experience teaches that it's all about the risk - what's your level? What's your risk tolerance? Where might your financial Black Swans be? What's your plan to deal with the expected? What's your plan to deal with the unexpected?

As a Series 65 licensed, investment advisor representative, fiduciary and by law, Mr. Bordman must act in the best interest of his clients, putting his clients' interests ahead of his own at all times*. (*Investment Advisers Act of 1940, Sec. 211 (g) (1))

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